We are a different kind of collection agency.

We understand having an outstanding debt in collections has lots of negative consequences. It can be a very stressful situation and no one likes being in debt.

Did you know that simply paying off your outstanding debt can have SIGNIFICANT BENEFITS for you?


You Stop all Collections Calls! This can be a significant stress reliever. No one likes getting these calls and when they stop its a huge relief!

It could help you get approved for loans and other types of credit. Did you know many creditors wont approve you for a loan if you have an outstanding collection account? Once these are paid many lenders are much more willing to extend credit to you. Even if the account doesn’t come off your credit it now shows that it is paid in full. That is a step in the right direction.

It improves your credit score. Even if it remains on your credit a paid collection is better for your credit score than an unpaid collection.

You are closer to being debt free. Imagine how it will feel when you are debt free. Paying off your collection accounts gets you closer to this goal!