We are a different kind of collection agency.

Unique Clients

Unique Clients


Unique Clients demand a specialized type of handling and skill set. Some examples of this type of an account can be found in the utility, municipal government and insurance markets.

For Clients with Special Portfolios

Unique Clients require a different type of handling and staffing. Examples of Unique Clients are municipal, state and federal government accounts receivables. The bills can either be the liability of a consumer or a commercial enterprise. These clients want the debt paid but may have other resources at their disposal to resolve the situation. Partnering with an agency requires flexible and cost effective plans.

Our targeted collection methods provides assistance in collecting debt quickly while maintaining an honest and respectful collection approach that does not risk the reputation you have worked hard to build.

Additional Need To Know

  • Knowledgeable & Experienced Project Team
  • Flexible Plans
  • Cost Effective Methods
  • Complaint-free Resolution