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Lawmakers Suddenly Asking The Same TCPA Questions As Debt Collectors

Stephanie Eidelman —

According to a report on The Hill website, House members from both parties were concerned after suddenly realizing that the new Federal Communications Commission (FCC) TCPA ruling clarifying auto-dialer restrictions related to mobile numbers would hamper their own efforts to reach constituents.

In a twist of irony that would not be lost on those in the debt collection industry, Rep. Ben Ray Lujan (D-N.M.) noted that autodialed calls are sometimes the only method available, since online sign-up sheets or emails do not work for those who don’t have an Internet connection at home. “If the rule requires them to opt into this program, how would we reach out to 700,000-800,000 constituents for them to opt-in?”

Another Democrat, Rep. Anna Eshoo (D-CA) evidently noted that the 1991 law might be in need of updating if it is not flexible enough to keep up with changing technology.

This raises many interesting questions. To articulate a few:

Do lawmakers have the technology and processes required to manage this data?

Who will fund the expense of frequent scrubbing of lists against cell phone data?

Is it more important for consumers to receive information about a town hall with their local representative than, say, to be contacted about options to restructure their student loans before they rack up insurmountable interest and fees?

Perhaps those who have filed suit against the FCC now have some unexpected allies.