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ATG Credit implements IDAP® (Integrated Data Analytics Platform) by Provana

ATG Credit is proud to announce our recent integration of the IDAP® (Integrated Data Analytics Platform) by Provana.

IDAP® is a dynamic business analytics dashboard customized to your needs. Built upon Microsoft Power BI, IDAP connects to your existing systems to create interactive visualizations that make it easy to understand, interact with and present your data, and better manage your team. IDAP bridges the gaps between your disparate reporting systems, presenting unified insights on a single dashboard.

Some benefits of IDAP® include:

Interactive Reporting

Dive deeper into the numbers and drill down to account-level detail with targeted reports. In just a few clicks, you can filter and segment data to highlight specific metrics, or quickly consolidate data from across departments for broader insights.

Near Real-Time Data

Stay on top of your data. Receive up-to-date information online with automated, near real-time reporting for accurate insights into claims, payments, invoices and more.

Intelligent Forecasting

Use data to gain a glimpse into the future. IDAP’s built-in predictive modeling learns your business and generates forecasts.

Customized Dashboards

Every business relies on different data. IDAP dashboards can be customized to your business needs, allowing you to track and measure the revenue drivers and performance metrics that move your bottom line.

Anywhere, Anytime Access

IDAP reports can be accessed from any device, anywhere. So whether you’re at the office or on the road, your data is always at hand.

Learn more at https://www.provana.com/business-analytics-dashboards