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ATG Credit implements ComplyARM Dashboard – Compliance Management System (CMS)

ATG Credit is proud to announce our recent implementation of ComplyARM.

ComplyARM Dashboard is an online Compliance Management System (CMS) designed by Chief Compliance Officers (CCO) to help us better perform our own jobs. Dashboard provides accounts receivable management firms with a powerful compliance tool at an affordable price. ComplyARM began as a company that wrote policies and procedures for debt buyers and agencies. During the process, we realized that our manuals added a significant administrative burden and we knew there had to be a better way to manage all of the information.

Dashboard was designed to improve compliance readiness and provide a uniformed way to track, monitor and analyze all of the different compliance related tasks in your organization. Dashboard enables you to collaborate with clients, vendors, debt buyers and other partners through a secure online platform that integrates seamlessly with your existing systems.

The ComplyARM platform assists in the secure management of:

Complaints & Disputes
Consumer Portal
Vendor Management
Licensing & Insurance
Buying & Selling Tools
Reporting & Analytics
Data Security

For more information please visit http://complyarm.com/