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Debt Buyers

Debt Buyers

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When a debt is placed by a purchaser, the demands are significantly different. Although the account can be either consumer or commercial in nature, a debt buyer has to see clean records and immediate returns.

We understand your situation. Most Debt Buyers are not in the business of collecting debt but need to rely on partners for back office functions.

As a debt buyer you must focus on the next portfolio and make sure the existing paper is being handled with speed, accuracy and most of all results.

Our core competency is contingency collections. We have the accounts receivables and financial expertise that will help you attain your business goals.

By taking care of those critical back-office functions, we free up your time to spend on new acquisitions.

Additional Need To Know

  • Flexible Staff size to accommodate placement flows
  • Cross-trained collectors to reduced training time
  • Immediate results that match your goals
  • Knowledgeable Management that truly understands what is needed
  • Sophisticated Analytics
  • Well versed and Compliant with the Gramm-Leach Bliley Act